Lord Vitthal Images and palkhi images

Lord Vitthal Images and Palkhi Images

Here we are going to provide photos and images of lord Vitthala. Also we added images of palkhi procession and warkari’s who participated in this holy journey. This holy journey started from many geographical regions of Maharashtra and also from different states in India.


So we provide some photo of those holy journey, this is included various photos regarding palkhi procession.

Sant Sopan kaka maharaj palkhi

Here we deliver some photos of believers who join in into this blessed journey. In every year thousands of devotees come to visit the holy city Pandharpur. The reason to visit this place is to get sanctified from lord Vitthala. So every devotees participate into palkhi for visit the divine city called Pandharpur.


palkhi pandharpur yatra

pandharpur palkhi schedule

palkhi images photos lord vitthal images

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