Saint Tukaram Maharaj history& information

 Saint Tukaram Maharaj history& information

Now day’s number of devotes are requesting to us for history and information about sant Tukaram we are going to highlight of some history and information about this great personality.

Personal information

Sant Tukaram maharaj was one of the great devotee of lord vitthala. And he was visited number of time to great city Pandharpur. Sant Tukaram maharaj was poet and social worker by profession .people called maharaj to Tukaram due to his great spiritual songs called kirtan in Marathi. He was frequently giving motivational speeches called kirtan .due to his great contribution in Marathi spiritual literature he got noted in great personality in Maharashtra state. Now days popularity of Sant Tukaram maharaj increased day by day due to his great thoughts and literature written by him. Elder and youth also following his devotional way in their life.

Saint Tukaram was the rebirth of Saint Namdev. Tukaram was born in a village called Dehu which is about 20 Km from Pune. dehu have great importance in religious era. Every year number of devotees are leave dehu towards to holy city Pandharpur for attend wari of lord vitthala. This holy journey called as Tukaram maharaj palkhi, we will updates Tukaram maharaj palkhi schedule 2017 in our upcoming posts.

NameTukaram Bolhoba Aambile
BirthIn 1608
VillageDehu, District Pune, Maharashtra, India
FatherBolhoba Aambile
MotherKanakai Aambile
Brother and SisterSawaji who was elder to Tukaram and Kanhoba
Wifefirst- Rakhumabai and second Jeejabai (Avali)
ChildSantu or Mahadev, Vithoba, and Narayan
DiedIn 1645 (Indrayani)
Literary WorkDevotional Poetry, Abhangvaani

Dehu is an Indian village situated in Haveli Tehsil and belongs to Pune district of Maharashtra.

River Indrayani flows through this village. Tukaram was a family man and was running a provision stores which was his hereditary business.He was very devout, he would always hymn the name of Vitthal and his heart was always filled with love for lord Vitthal.The most admired Saint Tukaram was an enlightened, valiant and stubborn poet. He carried the Vedanta, which was the domination of the traditional Brahmins till then to the commoners through his Abhanga.

His Abhanga increased such fame that they came to be associated with the name of Saint Tukaram. Abhanga befitted a crucial part of everyday life in rural India, popular even with uneducated people.

Nearest railway station to Dehu
Dehu Road railway station5.8 KM.
Begdewadi railway station6.8 KM.
Ghorawadi railway station7.7 KM.
Akurdi railway station8.0 KM.

Nearest airport to Dehu

Nearest airport from Dehu is Pune Airport which is placed around 23.1 Km distance.

Pune Airport23.1 KM.
Hadapsar Airport31.0 KM.
Navi Mumbai International Airport82.0 KM.

Some Abhanga from Saint Tukaram


वृक्षवल्ली आम्हा सोयरे वनचरें | पक्षीही सुस्वरें आळविती ||


अमृताचीं फळें

अमृताचीं फळें अमृताची वेली ।
तेचि पुढें चाली बीजाची ही ॥१॥

ऐसियांचा संग देइ नारायणा ।
बोलावा वचना जयांचिया ॥२॥

उत्तम सेवन सितळ कंठासी ।
पुष्टी कांती तैसी दिसे वरी ॥३॥

तुका ह्मणे तैसें होइजेत संगें ।
वास लागे अंगें चंदनाच्या ॥४॥

चला पंढरीसी जाऊं

चला पंढरीसी जाऊं ।
रखमादेवीवरा पाहूं ॥१॥

डोळे निवतील कान ।
मना तेथें समाधान ॥२॥

संता महंता होतील भेटी ।
आनंदे नाचों वाळवंटी ॥३॥

तें तीर्थांचे माहेर ।
सर्व सुखाचें भांडार ॥४॥

जन्म नाही रे आणीक ।
तुका ह्मणे माझी भाक ॥५॥

नवविधा भक्ती केली सायास | तेंचि पूर्ण झाले नव मास ||

कनकाईचें भाग्य विशेष | विष्णुभक्त उदरासी आला किं ||

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