Sant Dnyaneshwar maharaj history & information

Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj History & Information

Sant Dnyaneshwar maharaj was one of the great Sant in Maharashtra. he  is poet, writer and great literature in one of the famous Nath pant in Maharashtra. he wrote one of the  famous Marathi literature called Dnyaneshwari. Now days Sant Dnyaneshwar maharaj have so much importance in Marathi literature and spiritual era



Name Dnyaneshwar Vitthalpant Kulkarni
Father  name Vitthalpant kulakarni
Mother  name Rakhumabai
Brother/Sister Nivruttinath,Sopan, Muktabai
Birth 1275
Village Apegaon
literature Dnyaneshwari
Cast Brahmin
Belongs From Nath Pant
Samadhi Place Aalandi


Background of Sant Dnyaneshwar maharaj

Sant Dnyaneshwar maharaj was born in poor family in 1275 in Apegaon village in Maharashtra state on the bank of Godavari river near to Paithan . he contribute to Marathi literature a lot using his great knowledge in spiritual fields. His father working as tax collector in village. Dnyaneshwar maharaj face lot face resistance from villagers due to his great knowledge in spiritual field. most interesting story to how they faced this situation and overcome from this you can learn about Sant Dnyaneshwar maharaj from many spiritual books written on his.

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